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Numéro CEGID de la station : 914145
Approved SWAP centre. This centre underwent a SWAP audit and has been integrated within our network of After-Sales Service centres. Here, in addition to other services offered by the centre, you can repair your machine, or claim your warranty. To benefit from the SWAP warranty, a machine should be covered by a warranty contract. Go to the support to identify your machine and validate its warranty contract.

Type of machine repairable in this station

Equipment Workshop
Equipment Portable power tool
Equipment Generator Portable gasoline generator
Equipment Generator Gasoline generator construction sites
Equipment Generator Gasoline Inverter generator
Equipment Generator Diesel generator
Equipment High-pressure washer Electric high pressure washer
Equipment Painting station
Equipment Vacuum cleaner
Equipment Worksite
Garden Pruning machine Electric pruning machine
Garden Pruning machine Gasoline trimmer
Garden Pruning machine Cordless pruning machine
Garden Hedge trimmer Electric hedge trimmer
Garden Hedge trimmer Gasoline hedge trimmer
Garden Hedge trimmer Cordless hedge trimmer
Garden Chainsaw sharpeners
Garden Chainsaw Electric chainsaw
Garden Chainsaw Gasoline chainsaw
Garden Chainsaw Cordless chainsaw
Garden Logsplitter Electric logsplitter
Garden Logsplitter Gasoline logsplitter
Garden Log saw Electric Log Saw
Garden Log saw Gasoline Log Saw
Garden Brushcutter Electric brushcutter
Garden Brushcutter Gasoline brushcutter
Garden Brushcutter Cordless brushcutter
Garden Multi-function Electric multi-function
Garden Multi-function Gasoline multi-function
Garden Multi-function Cordless multi-function
Garden Lawn mower Electric lawn mower
Garden Lawn mower Petrol lawn mower
Garden Lawn mower Hand lawn mower
Garden Lawn mower Cordless lawn mower
Garden Blower Electric blower
Garden Blower Gasoline blower
Garden Blower Cordless blower
Garden Blower vacuum shredder Electric blower vacuum shredder
Garden Blower vacuum shredder Gasoline blower vacuum shredder
Garden Shredder Electric plant shredder
Garden Shredder Gasoline plant shredder
Garden Snowblower
Garden Tiller Electric tiller
Garden Tiller Themal tiller
Garden Sprayer Electric sprayer
Garden Sprayer Gasoline sprayer
Garden Sprayer Cordless sprayer
Garden Earth auger Electric earth auger
Garden Earth auger Gasoline earth auger
Garden Strimmer Electric Strimmer
Garden Strimmer Cordless Strimmer
Garden Strimmer Gasoline strimmer
Garden Water Pump Gasoline water pump
Garden Water Pump Electric water pump
Garden Scarifier Electric scarifier
Garden Scarifier Petrol scarifier
Garden Weeder